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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Team ST: Day 1

[8:14 p.m.] A round of introductions at the Sheridan Canyon camp, following a lovely bean burrito dinner. UTM coordinates are 12R 0753766E 3495889N (WGS 84).


Anonymous said...

w00t! AJM on the m-i-c. Loving this merger of technology and trail. Y'all have fun out there!

Rockne said...

Uhh... what UTM zone are you in?

Joseph said...

Scott, In your report you mentioned "southern border". Check your map, you started from the eastern border.

ajm said...


Andrew here; I was the one posting from the trail. To clarify: We started at the Southern Terminus for the CDT. Technically that's the section of the New Mexico border runs North-to-South on the eastern end of the Bootheel.

Good catch.