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Monday, March 26, 2007

More FAQs

Questions, questions. This week we'll be getting some answers, meeting with all the various individuals holding sway over the project; that handy FAQ sheet is just around the corner. But for now, here are a few more popular ones. The first just so happens to come from Leon Nelson, another current Backpacker map correspondent...

Q: Some applicants who are not selected as volunteers are good friends of those who will be chosen to participate. Will it be possible for these people to tag along?
As much as we would love as many to experience the trail this summer as possible, alas, we won't be able to do so when volunteer mapping teams are involved. Many stretches of the trail pass through sensitive areas, and we've agreed with land managers to keep our teams -- and their resulting impacts -- small. But by all means, if a group wants to gather for a grand send-off, or the trail passes your uncle Jebediah's bed and breakfast, make them a part of the experience. There is such a thing as trail magic, after all, and that can be readily facilitated by generous friends.

Q: How long will all of this take?
A: A week. No more, maybe less. Unless a special case arises, most teams will start hiking on Monday, to be finished with enough time to get home and back to work, school, or all the trappings or retirement before the next week. The actual itinerary will have to be worked out within the team.

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