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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

On the Trail

This week we find four more teams on the trail. They are:

Team 23
This trio will hike a 38-mile segment from Copper Mountain to Argentine Pass in White River and Pike National Forests. Here, the CDT follows the Colorado Trail.

Katie Richards
: AT thru-hiker ('05); Student Conservation Association volunteer (Baxter SP trail crew). Lawrenceville, GA.
Kevin Hollebeek
: professional surveyor; AT thru-hiker ('05); frequent trail crew volunteer; Katie's boyfriend. Lawrenceville, GA.
Kim Phillips: Backpacker map intern; CU-Boulder graduate student; wedding photographer. Boulder, CO

Team 26
The Rambling Routers are exploring a 40-mile leg near Rabbit Ears Pass, Steamboat Springs, CO.

Jennifer Salvage: AT thru-hiker ('00); first woman to thru-hike IAT solo; teacher by profession; has run AMC thru-hiking workshops. Medford, NJ.
Myles Hayes
: Professional photographer; previous WFA certification; High Adventure Club president, TCU. Chicago, IL.
Jeff Salvage
: race walking expert (took it to the trail); maintains; Jennifer's husband. Medford, NJ.

Team 43
This small team lost a team member late in the game due to a family medical emergency (hope all is well, Adam) but the duo still plans to trek from Chief Joseph Pass into Salmon National Forest, past Chief Joseph Pass.

Steve Silberberg: Former computer programmer; current wilderness guide (Fatpacking). Hull, MA.
Jason Stevenson: Associate Editor, Backpacker magazine. Emmaus, PA.

Team 50a
The Continental Dream Team is one of the several team displaced by the massive wildfires in Bob Marshall Wilderness Area. We know the team was still planning to meet in Montana, but don't know their final route.

Michael Rutland
: freelance writer, photographer; EMT experience; survival experience. Austin, TX.
Dianne Deering
: LNT State Advocate; passion for the outdoors.Denver, CO.
Miguel Esquivel
: Spearheading creation of Trans-Panamaniam Trail from Colombia to Costa Rica; GPS & navigation instructor; CPR certified. Panama.
Jim Jakicic
: Mini-Cassia Idaho Search & Rescue officer; experienced backpacker. Rupert, ID.

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