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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

This Week

Four teams are on the trail this week: 2 in Colorado, 2 in Wyoming. They are:

Team 20
A 55-mile section from Marshall Pass to Cottonwood Pass Road in San Isabel National Forest.

Sally Pfrimmer: Colorado local; amateur photographer; Rocky Mountain wildlife savvy. Canon City, CO
Todd Fontaine
:gradeschool teacher; experienced backpacker.
Michael Morin
: Colorado park ranger; passionate about recreation, nature, hiking. Pine, CO.
Doug Ouren
: Wilderness & winter survival instructor; USGS wildlife ecologist; professional GPS use; wilderness first aid experience; Stephanie's husband & Fletcher's father. Fort Collins, CO
Stephanie Ouren
: Backcountry cook; map reader; Rocky Mountain flora savvy. Fort Collins, CO
Fletcher Ouren
: Doug & Stephanie's 13-year-old son; has taught GPS to elementary students; amateur photographer (digital); experienced backpacker. Fort Collins, CO.

Team 24
Herman Gulch to Monarch Lake
This 64-mile leg travels mostly above treeline in Vasquez and James Peak Wildernesses and Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest.

Keith Martin: Colorado local; trail crew volunteer; passionate about hiking. Durango, CO.
Dylan Kuhn
: maps trails as a hobby (check out his work at Fort Collins, CO.
Matt Taylor
: GIS director, Clear Creek County, Colo.; map lover; GPS-savvy. Idaho Springs, CO.
Jeremy Larsen
: GIS, GPS, cartography experience; navigation instructor; pursuing graduate degree in geography. Salt Lake City, UT.

Team 34
A 40-mile section from Brooks Lake to Turpin Meadows Campground
Barry Gibson: amateur photographer; aspires to open B&B out West; GPS-savvy. Seven Fields, PA.
Barb Cooey
: Assistant leader, National Sierra Club; backcountry gourmet; certified in LNT, CPR, first aid. Dubuque, IA.
Jeff Carver
: father of six (between him and wife Kathy); often takes the clan hiking, kayaking, scuba diving, mountain biking, running, fishing and camping. Esko, MN.
Patrick Brown
: Backpacker map project contributor; amateur photographer; Bridger-Teton section is on his wish list. Germantown, MD.
Kathy Carver
: First hike with husband Jeff to Tetons; current Duluth Aquarium employee (? - correct me if I'm wrong); avid hiker, biker, etc. (see Jeff's bio). Esko, MN.

Team 35a
(nicknamed Altitude without Attitude)
This team will explore southern Yellowstone National Park to Turpin Meadows.

Sean Bullington
: Mapper for; recently returned from Patagonia backpacking trip; self-proclaimed GPS nerd; husband to Paula. Centreville, VA.

Paula Bullington
: degree in recreation management; experienced backpacker; husband to Sean. Centreville, VA.

Naomi Blagdon
: AT thru-hiker ('03), subsequent fan of good trail data; Lorne's daughter. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Lorne Blagdon
: AT thru-hiker ('03) ...pulled off a 40-mile day from Harpers Ferry to Mason-Dixon line; trained in search and rescue, orineteering by Canadian Air Force; writer, song writer. Wirral, New Brunswick, Canada.

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