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Monday, June 25, 2007

A Few Days on the Trail

We'd thought Dwight and Marita were being awfully quiet out there. Thankfully we stumbled on their diligent podcasts, stashed in a formerly unknown folder. So without further ado, their progress thus far:

Saturday Evening:
The pair had a later start than expected, spending hours shuttling to their trailhead. But the payoff sounds just right: a quiet spot on a lake brimming with lively fish; green, open country; and a moose sighting in camp.

UTM coordinates: 12T 0351951E 4922430N

Sunday Evening:

Hiking through foothills on the eastern slope of the Divide, the two encountered a few patches of confusing trail. At one point Dwight mentions Nicholi...more on him in the next podcast.

UTM coordinates: 12T 0344256E 4925610N

Monday Evening:

The day's hike was confusing at times, and Dwight & Marita had to backtrack twice as a result. Still, spirits are high and the llamas are well fed. Yes, llamas. Dwight is known to hike with the hearty packers from time to time, and this trip is no exception. No telling what all those elk and moose think of their South American brethren.

UTM coordinates: 12T 0339264E 4935502

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