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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Same Idea, Different Latitude

Miguel "Mike" Esquivel, the co-leader for Team 50a (soon to be renamed), is signing on to the CDT project with some good experience already under his belt. The 45-year-old dual U.S. and Panamanian citizen has made it his mission to create the first trans-Panamanian Trail, cutting through jungle from the Colombian border to Costa Rica.

His vision involves an all-volunteer effort, making the CDT project a great fit for his idea of what trail scouting and building is all about.

Mike's team hits the CDT on August 6, reporting on a 60-mile segment through Bob Marshall and Great Bear Wildernesses.

1 comment:

Miguel (Mike) Esquivel said...

Hey Scott, we have allready re-named our team 50a. We are the CDT,
the Continental Dream Team. Because we are the best, and because we will make this dream come true.

Miguel (Mike) Esquivel
I Hike, Therefore I Am