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Monday, June 18, 2007

Team Update: Day 1

The Rolling Yellowstones send out a round of introductions from the trailhead as they begin their trip. And here's a little more background on the team:

Kevin Anderson: Team leader. Attorney; past Backpacker map contributor; GPSed Ennis Peak, a new one in Utah.
Bev Wert: Seasonal Yellowstone employee; has hiked all over the park, including a 40-mile weekend.
Mary McKinney: Yellowstone backcountry resource manager and related GPS experience; Bev's sister-in-law.
Jason Wozniak: Past Road Less Traveled guide; Social studies teacher in Rio de Janeiro; has developed GIS projects for high school students.

And for all you Portuguese-speaking listeners, this is the podcast for you.

UTM coordinates:
12N 0513776E 4922180N

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