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Sunday, May 13, 2007

And They're Off!

Two more teams are hitting the trail this week; New Mexico Teams 2 and 4 will be collecting data on roughly 100 miles of trail. Here's a rundown of the sections:

New Mexico 2: Chain of Craters
The team will hike south of Grants, New Mexico, in a 50-mile arch west of NM 117. Chain of Craters, in the El Malpais National Monument, is a playground of ancient lava flows and cinder cones, the remnants of the Rockies' very active geologic past. The area is no stranger to passing travelers: through the centuries Spanish conquistadores, civil war-weary U.S. troops and railroad barons have scoured the land for potential profit. Thanks to a national monument designation, the land won in the end.

New Mexico 4: NM 59 to Coyote Peak Stock Tank
This 58-mile section runs through a part of the Gila National Forest managed by the Black Range Ranger District. Most of the CDT in this area is freshly-established, having been rubbed out by a wildfire in years past. The CDTA's official guidebook describes the stretch as "pretty mellow country," with more rolling hills than jagged peaks, but thin water resources should make for an interesting challenge nonetheless.

Wish them luck! We'll post updates from the team as we hear word on their progress.


RayD said...

Good luck to all, this entire project is really exciting. Scott, have you picked all the teams as of yet? We are all eagerly awiating some contact. Keep us up to date.

I have never been in NM hiking although I have done some other dry areas, not sure how the temps in that area are this time of year? Good luck to all and take alot of pic's for us.

Anonymous said...

Howdy! One of the folks on the New Mexico 4 team is a coworker of mine. It sounds like a great experience. I hope they are all doing well!

Anonymous said...

So I hear it's better in Colorado than in Virginia... Tear up those mountains! I mean map'um!

Take it easy,

rhoney said...

Any news from Team 4 ? They've been out since Sunday.

mejumper93 said...

So no Thrilla in the Gila aka. Team 4? I figured on a SITREP by now. Probably having too much fun!

Anonymous said...

My husband, Greg White, is on Team 4. He left a message on Sunday saying that his team did not receive a satellite phone and there isn't any cell phone coverage. They should be finishing up on Saturday.