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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Team Update: Pre-Trip Planning

All of Team 1 has met up after a long day on the road (that's Ken, Steve, Matt and Jason--Natalie couldn't make the trip in the end), and reports in from their pine-forest camp under a clear, moonlit sky.

UTM coordinates: (WGS 84) 12S 0769462E 365*966N


Anonymous said...

This is Lana, Jason's finance. I just listened to the first night's call in. Sounds like they're havin a great time(Team DVT ha ha) and in Jason's case burnin off that belly! Don't know if the guys will see this message or not, but just wanted to let jason know that I hope he's having the time of his life and that I can't wait to see him! Lana

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jason's fiance' not jasons finance! Or I guess you could say finance! Whatever you want to call me!

Anonymous said...

Monkey Pants! ;)