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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

We Mapped You!

Here's some fun stats about the applicants, but first, a cool map (courtesy of Assistant Map Editor Andrew Matranga) that displays the applicant pool from the 50 states (click on photo to see a bigger map).

2,976 people applied for the CDT Project. All 50 states were represented, and some states surprised us with their turnout (17 hardy souls in South Dakota!).

California came in as the top dog with 299. Colorado was a close second with 241. At the lower end, Hawaii was the least-represented US state with three applicants.

Even more interesting were the international applicants.

Our neighbor to the north, Canada, brought in 40 (the same number as the State of Maryland). We had some members of the Armed Services stationed overseas who applied--five in Germany, two in Korea, one in Iraq, and one in Afghanistan.

Then, there's the random places where BACKPACKER ends up: like the two people in Bermuda and Brazil (respectively), or the single applicants from New Zealand, Israel, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and England.

We could go on and on... We now know the magazine travels the world.

But, more importantly, thanks again for the creative essays, the unique videos, and the wall calendars. You are the best readers we could ever hope for. We had a blast going through the fact, we should get back to that!


karst said...

Just out of curiosity(and since its tough to tell for obvious reasons) how many applicants from the littlest state? And since we are the Ocean State with a high point of 812 feet, how do we train for 12,000 feet of elevation?

andrewmatrnaga said...


Here's the full breakdown:

State Total
AK Count 22
AL Count 22
AR Count 16
AZ Count 71
BRAZIL Count 2
CA Count 299
CANADA Count 40
CO Count 241
CT Count 26
DC Count 7
DE Count 11
England Count 1
FL Count 82
GA Count 88
HI Count 3
IA Count 28
ID Count 46
IL Count 111
IN Count 66
IRAQ Count 1
ISRAEL Count 1
KOREA Count 2
KS Count 39
KY Count 42
LA Count 20
MA Count 47
MD Count 40
ME Count 15
MI Count 94
MN Count 55
MO Count 61
MS Count 12
MT Count 82
NC Count 63
ND Count 7
NE Count 16
NH Count 17
NJ Count 38
NM Count 39
None Count 85
NV Count 28
NY Count 122
OH Count 90
OK Count 22
OR Count 82
PA Count 86
RI Count 7
SC Count 18
SD Count 17
ST. CROIX Count 1
TN Count 57
TX Count 130
UT Count 48
VA Count 67
VT Count 13
WA Count 117
WI Count 63
WV Count 4
WY Count 37

Grand Count 2976

karst said...

Great. Thank you for the info. And the altitude article was a real eyeopener. I've only done day hikes in the Tetons and Yellowstone without a load so I will definitely take a look at the books and try to get out there a day or two early.