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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Team Update: Day 1

Ken reports in after lunch, following an 8-mile morning from Rocky Canyon, heading north to the Rocky Point trailhead. Due to initial concerns about water, the team has broken out this intial 13-mile stretch as a day hike, set to rendezvous with Matt at the trailhead tonight, where a car (and water) awaits.

UTM coordinates: 12S 0775514E 3665750N


Anonymous said...

Have fun, sweating it out in the middle of the desert. Bet it's hot cuz....See you this weekend! Craig.

Anonymous said...

Thank You So Much Scott for the UMT/LL Conversion Page! We Now can track NM Team 1 to within an inch of their position! Now I wish that We could get the daily UMT coordinates for NM Team 3, Our Son is on that team, and it would be exciting to follow their daily progress!
Thanks again Scott,
Monte & Sue Holmes