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Monday, July 16, 2007

Great Team, Great Press

Roger Ludwig, team leader for the Gila Monsters, recently wrote up an excellent story on his trip for the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle. The piece may be especially insightful for volunteers about to hit the trail: Roger reports on team interactions as much as what they encountered along a 70+ mile slog through the Gila National Forest.

The team also met a handful of fellow hikers along the way, some already known to the project and mentioned on this blog, out to promote the CDT in their own way. Erin Zwiener aims to be the first to complete the trail on horseback in one season, and Mat Matson is a retired Rotarian dedicated to spreading the word about the trail over a multi-year section hike.

Read about it all in Roger's story.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Roger's article. At 50 and also an avid hiker I can relate to what he was experiencing. My son's team starts their CDT trek today in southern Wyoming, and I was looking for info. Reading Rogers article gives me a feel for what Brian will be doing.


Ryan said...

You can also read the article on his blog here.