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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Team 25: Day Two

Mike Reynolds, team leader for Team 25, checks in over a cup of coffee (store-bought) from Grand Lake, Colo. The group, a big one as teams go, will be spending the next few days in Rocky Mountain National Park. Here's a breakdown of who's who:

Lew Sovocool: Army Officer (with Iraq combat engineer experience); past wildland fire crew member; NOLS semester grad; volunteer trail worker.
Hilary Lorenz: Professor of Arts, Brooklyn, NY; Sierra Club member; active in Appalachian Mountain Club.
Robert Byram: Extensive Forest Service fire crew experience; former marathoner; school counselor; reportedly makes great ash cakes.
Mike Reynolds: LNT instructor; Wilderness First Responder; has worked with Special Olympics; college professor.
Laura Rovero: Outdoor lover, experienced hiker; new-comer to the West (New England transplant).
Eric Helfrich: Geology student; trail runner, rock climber; has done climate research in Arctic.

UTM coordinates: 13N 0430078E 4455949N

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