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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Team 22: Wrap-Up

The Sidehill Gougers made it home safe and sound this past weekend, but unfortunately another pesky glitch with our podcast system kept news of their journey off the blog. They had a great trip, and it would be a shame to let their journaling efforts go to waste. So without further ado, I take you back to last week...

Thursday, July 19:
3:02 pm - Kristen reports in with a day four update on the hike, 19 miles from where we'd heard from them last.

7:35 pm - Kristen with another update, after an exciting, storm-wracked afternoon.

Friday, July 20
10:24 am - On the home stretch to Copper Mountain, Dan Larson gives his take on the trip. He started with a 54-pound pack, but only has one packing regret...

Success! - Andy gives a final report from Copper Mountain, with a jubilant team within earshot.

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