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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Team 21: The Collegiate Cartographers

Word is coming in from all parts of the CDT this week, and Backpacker's own Kris Wagner had a chance to throw in a podcast or two yesterday. He's with Team 21, the Collegiate Cartographers, striking out into the White River and San Isabel National Forests and the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness. Here's a list of team members:

John Smith: Comercial pilot; GPS-savvy; currently mapping Ouachita Trail.
Dick Vogel: USAF survival instructor; logged more than 12,000 trail miles; aspiring 2010 CDT thru-hiker; completing Oregon Coast Trail June 1st.
Jon Butcher: Team Leader; Resident GPS/topo expert at Colorado REI store; expert backpacker.
Kris Wagner: Backpacker map editor; the man behind
Bob Wold: Senior programmer, Trimble Outdoors; he wrote the Adventure Planner software.

And now for the podcasts...

Tuesday, July 24:
12:58 pm - Kris reports in from a pass above Lake Ann and gives an overview of the trip thus far. Sounds like yesterday brought the group a bit of a detour.

9:40 pm - Reflecting on the trip thus far, Kris comes up with some sage advice for future project volunteers and shares plans for today's (Wednesday's) hike...

1 comment:

Scott G. said...

Here's an e-mail I received today from a Team 21 fan:


I'm reading your blog everyday. We have one of our teammates (John Smith) on Team 21. And we're anxiously waiting for news of the progress along the Collegiate section of the trail. If you talk to the team, please pass on our regards from Southwest Airlines. Go get em John. And hopefully there will be a blog entry soon.


Michael S.
Customer Experience Business Services - Southwest Airlines