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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Team 37: Daily Reports

While most of the country celebrated the Fourth of July, Team 37, nicknamed Goat Hikers Anonymous, is working their way across a 65-mile section from Targhee Pass to Aldous Lake in in Gallatin and Targhee National Forests of Idaho and Montana. We've received about six podcasts from the group in the last four days but the satellite phone coverage has been really spotty, making many of the reports unpublishable. Team member Trung Q Le left a quick message on one of the office cellphones and reported: "We're doing really well."

June 3
Day 3: The day starts out with a moose walking through camp. Among the many highlights, team member Julie Ardoin from Kenner, LA says she's never seen wildflower meadows this incredible.

June 2
Day 2: The team knocks off more miles than originally planned on the first day. Today, the team splits up to scout out a proposed trail vs. walking a road section. The team meets some nice locals, and sees lots of wildlife signs, including bear prints, antelope, and mule deer.

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