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Monday, April 2, 2007

New Mexico Teams 2 & 4

More New Mexico teams are shaping up as availability is verified (trickier to lock down than you would think, what with the early start dates for these southern legs). Below are some details for a group that will be hiking through a section called the Chain of Craters, and another that will be tackling trail through the Gila National Forest. Note the wonderfully dry team names; in time they should change to better reflect the team. My hope is that someone will come up with "The Flaming Skulls"...if nothing else, it would make for a good tattoo.

New Mexico 2
David Morganwalp: Team co-leader, learned geologic mapper
(works at USGS HQ)
Bob Kloepper: Former Green Beret medic, ultramarathoner
Nathan Young: Professional land surveyor, PCT thru-hiker
Doug Melton: Professional engineer, geologist

New Mexico 4
Dean Rainwater: Team co-leader, Adventure racer.
Rebecca Stearns: Certified athletic trainer, first aid/CPR-savvy.
Greg White: Avid geocacher, Special Forces terrain analyst.
Matthew Huffman:
Professional surveyor and mapper,
Seasonal Park Ranger.
Eric Clajus: aka Big Poppa, professional photojournalist.

Again, team members should comment on and add to these bios -- five-word descriptions can only get you so far.


Ranger Doug said...

How about "Cinderheads" for Team 2?

Anonymous said...

i think the "flaming moes" would also be a good name

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll be the first to add to my bio! I'm currently a masters student at uconn going for my degree in exercise science. I am also the head athletic trainer at one of the local high schools. I've always loved exploring the outdoors. I ran cross country and track in high school and in college. I will also be training for my first marathon this summer. I'm not extremely creative when it comes to team names, but I was thinking that the "new mexico 4" should consider being renamed "the gila monsters", since we will be hiking through the gila national forest! Let me know what you think! I can't wait to get going on this trip and meet everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone. Well since Becca started off, I guess I can follow suit. I am currently working as a GIS analyst for a Defense Contractor in Washington, DC. I used to be a paratropper in the Army and worked as a terrain analyst for a Special Forces group. I have always loved hiking and exploring. I am anxiously getting prepared by getting in shape for the trip. Coming from sealevel, I have a feeling that the elevation gains may kick my butt after jockeying a desk for the last few years. I was thinking about the name "Gila Monsters" as well for the same reasons. I can second that unless anyone has a better idea. See you on the trail.

DPRS said...

The Gila Monsters for team 4 doesn't sound too bad to me either. As soon as we hear from our other teammates we can make something official.
My bio: I am 35 and have been a stay-at-home dad for the last 11 years. I am also a student studying to be a RN. I am an avid backpacker and adventure seeker. I have run a full marathon and enjoy multi-day/multi discipline adventure races as well as I have served in the military. The elevations could be a challenge for me but I love, love, love a good challenge. I am looking forward to this hike, helping with the CDT project and most importantly having a good time.

Anonymous said...

I am a news photographer for a local TV station. I have spent all my summers since I was born in Wisconsin in a Log cabin my great Uncle built. So being in the deep woods is a confortable setting for me.

A thought for a name. The Mogollon band. I hope that is not disrespectful in any way.