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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Team Status

Congrats to Team Southern Terminus for knocking out the remote, mostly dry 51-mile section in southern New Mexico. We'll post the map, photos, and video within the next week.

Meanwhile, at the office, we're contacting others to build the rest of the map teams. It's been a tough task. Many, many applicants have put lots of enthusiasm into their application. So while your waiting for our call, check out Steve Wargo's video on YouTube.

Kris Wagner, Map Editor


Melinda Adams, Fort Worth said...

Well, my fist thought to Steve’s video was “Oh no! Not another over achieving, I’ve got nothing on my hands but free time so of course my application is better than yours, backpacking aficionado to compete against.” But after watching the entire video (which made me late for work by the way) my thought is, “You shouldn’t select this guy as a CDT volunteer, you should hire him!”

Good luck, Steve. If I don’t get selected, I’ll feel better knowing you did.

Anonymous said...

If 10 minutes made you late for work, imagine what an unexpectred bear attack ight do for your resume.....