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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Walkumentary

Lawton Grinter, aka Disco, walked the CDT southbound in 2006 to finish where Team Southern Terminus started. This summer he'll be heading back out with a GPS unit in hand, ready to spend some more intimate miles on a section of trail in Colorado for the Backpacker map project.

But in that long, cold stretch of snowy months between his successful thru-hike and the coming summer, Disco has been hard at work editing and compiling video from last year's trek. The finished product, set for distribution in mid-May, is an epic travel log: The Walkumentary.

Disco has trailers up on YouTube and a blog posted with more details (and links to those trailers). Check it out here to get a taste of what a thru-hike on the King of Trails is all about.

...and as it so happens, Disco found his way onto The Misfit Happy Hour, a Chama, New Mexico, radio show, during that 2006 hike. He and Felicia Hermosillo, aka The Princess of Darkness (who will be on a Backpacker team as well), can be heard here spinning trail yarns on the KZRM show.


Scott G. said...

A note from Lawton:

"One of my goals with this film was to kind of unravel the mystery that is the CDT. I know that when I was finishing up my thru-hike of the PCT in 2004, my fellow hikers were already talking about "doing the CDT" but no one had any real idea of what a CDT hike was all about including myself. I think that video footage goes a long way, even more so that a trailjoural, in showing a hiker what the CDT looks like and sounds like and feels like. Hopefully I captured this in The Walkumentary.

"I'm covering the cost of the DVDs out of pocket. I have chosen not to sell the film commercially for a number of different reasons. However, I will be accepting donations and all donations will go towards my next film project which may be on the Arizona Trail this coming Fall. I'm going to post donation info under the Order Information section of the Walkumentary blog in the coming days."

Lawton said...

The Walkumentary DVD´s Are Ready to Ship! Place Your Order Now!

After some 200+ hours of video editing and a number of missed deadlines over the last 5 months . . . I´m happy to say that The Walkumentary is officially ready to go.

The DVD is free and Ordering Information is here:

Thanks, Disco

GRAMPY said...

Disco watched the movie last night and I think you did a fabulous job. The camera work is clear and some of the most incredible landscapes. I take my hat off to you and all who succeeded in that journey. I am sure it will inspire others and I will show it to many of my friends. Thanks JIm

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