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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Mexico Team 11

And another team is set to go, accounting for all of the project's early season hikers. What is left of the state (in less arid climes) will be mapped in July and August, along with the rest of the trail north of New Mexico. That'll be a little over 2,400 miles, for the record. In the meantime, the volunteers below will be collecting data south of Skull Bridge, covering some 46 miles through the Santa Fe National Forest.

Dennis Wagoner: Extensive wilderness backpacking experience.
Gordon Buttke: Team co-leader; retired Airborne Infantry;
proficient in GPS and photography; husband to Geri.
Geri Buttke: Experienced hiker; lover of outdoors; wife to Gordon.
Ginger Davidson: pilot, flight instructor, airport co-owner;
map/chart enthusiast.

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