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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Mexico Teams 1, 3 & 5

Now we're getting somewhere. Having juggled many a schedule, the New Mexico teams are starting to shape up. The groups below will really be covering some ground, collecting data on a total 184 miles of trail through the Gila National Forest, and across BLM land south of Cuba, NM. And it seems they just may have the experience to pull it off...

New Mexico 1
Natalie Dawson
: upcoming naturalist guide author; CDTA volunteer.
Steven Taranowski: Civil engineer/surveyor; learned geologist.
Matt Feeney: Aerospace engineer; US Military GPS Center top student.
Jason Childre: Cave-mapper; New Mexico CDT experience.
Ken Haag: Team co-leader; Former Army officer; AT section-hiker.

New Mexico 3
Roger Ludwig: Team co-leader; has led hikes for troubled teens;
Cheyenne newspaper columnist.
Michael Holmes: Charter member, AHS; Fire Program Manager, USFS.
Matthew Eldred: education in Forest and Surveying Technology;
wilderness first aid trained.
Joseph Walker: USAF Special Ops veteran; rock climber.
Michael Grosh: Tug captain; AT section-hiker.

New Mexico 5
Kurt Johnson: Geologist; reportedly makes amazing dehydrated meals.
Mark Watson:
Interest in ethnobotany; photographer;
doctoral student, college instructor.
Patrick Kinney:
Team co-leader; Land surveyor,
25 years backpacking experience.
Frank Twenter:
Firefighting and technical rescue experience;
EMT/First Aid trained; trail lover.
Mary Twenter:
Publishing company owner; extensive hiking experience.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I will comment on the bio since Scott has requested...and it would be good to know more about my team members. More about Natalie:

Aside from the guidebook project for the Gila (which requires lots of time taking photos of plants and animals) I have experience leading groups of hikers through the Gila on wolf tracking trips, and am full of knowledge on the politics of local Catron County. I am a PhD candidate in biology at the University of New Mexico, I live in a solar-powered cabin in the east mountains (the dark side of the Sandias) and I promise all on my crew lots of food with green chile! Oh, and I am a former trail-dog in Rocky Mountain NP, a WFR in case we need someone with medical training and associated backcountry-saavy splinting knowledge...and I am super-stoked to spend a few days with a backpack on and a mission! I promise to bring a really great camera (for the guidebook and other photo ops!)